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Google Spreadsheets Quickie

Date published: 14-Sep-2006
1 min read / 185 words
Author: braceta


I had to make a quick spreadsheet to project my current preferences on which job I would prefer to go, balancing preferences and salary pay on each plate. Instead of opening Excel or even OpenOffice/NeoOffice on my Mac, I have decided to give a shot on Google Spreadsheets.First impression, I was amazingly surprised with a slick and simple interface. Actually the simplicity does not come across on the interactivity which is present all over with Ajax interface and quiet intuitive.Enough praising, lets take a look on some minor bottlenecks I have found:

  • I could not copy a formula on a cell for other cells with a drag and drop style. * Editing a field on Mac OS Firefox, the cursor disappears and I have to find where it is by clicking where I want it. That's annoying but probably a Firefox issue.

Final thought this time: Google Spreadsheets has robust and solid implementation, with a closer look and feel to people who are used to Excel. It served me well for a simple job, but it can do even more powerful stuff on complex data-sheets.