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Oracle 10g, finally!

Date published: 13-Nov-2005
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Author: braceta


After spending some time around to get Oracle 10g working on Debian (unstable repository), finally I did it!

I needed a starting guide, since who made Oracle 10g built it only for some privileged distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise or SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. Aside this problem, disguising my Debian was quite simple. Finally I had some problems starting and stop Oracle services, as well as the main database. This one saved my life doing that.

By the way I was wondering to create this Howto, but someone got ahead of me, which is great. A perfect Xen setup for Debian is a good title but it’s based on Xen 2.0, which still needs a patched kernel to meet its requirements.

Xen 3.0 will be the cornerstone of (para)virtualization when it reaches to the stable version. It already broke the Windows milestone without needing to patch Windows or Linux whatsoever. Will we watch OpenBSD running on Xen without escaping OpenBSD philosophy? Hope so...